Your control center close to your body 

We often promise a high degree of modularity – in this case, that promise is 100% fulfilled and perhaps even exceeded. In what way? It’s made possible by good piece of VELCRO® and a pool of designed inserts!

You design the inside of your Leader Pouch yourself. Ideal for the things you need quick access to. Storing navigation equipment, access to medic equipment or installing a small portable office with pen and notes? Everything is possible – in one pouch!


Two large double-laid elastic band loops for large utensils

Large VELCRO area for individual loading

Two large pockets for documents

Maximum opening possible up to 180°

Lockable to 90°

Pen holder

TERRA B LEADER POUCH Inserts - for the quick modification of your control center

TERRA B Clipboard Panel

Paperwork, but in an efficient way!


Attaching notes and documents

Can be assembled and disassembled in seconds

Writing pad for notes

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TERRA B Modular Bands

Small and inconspicuous, but tough!

Suitable for various utensils (multitool, lamp, etc.)

Can be installed and deinstalled in seconds

As a set of two different sizes

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Look forward to more inserts for our Leader Pouch. The pool of inserts will be constantly expanded in the coming weeks. Two inserts are currently in the test phase: The TERRA B Device Panel for securely attaching your smartphone or a navigation device and the TERRA B Utility Panel as a holder for smaller items such as ampoules and tools – of course again in seconds mountable and demountable!

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  • *the Overt Plate Carrier shown in the photos is not included with the TERRA B Leader Pouch.