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What a year!

A turbulent year is coming to an end. We look back on a year full of the unpredictable. Plans were made to be changed. No one knew when or how things would return to normal. And as we unfortunately have to see – normality is still not back. As a small manufacturer, we are grateful that this corona pandemic has not completely taken us in its headlock. We are very grateful for the way this year has worked out for us. There were ups and downs for us as well, but most importantly, a lot of work!

One of our biggest milestones this year was the launch of our new TERRA B website. You think: ‘It was urgently needed’? Oh yes, definitely! We said goodbye to our stone age bone with joy and a big bang. After a few sleepless nights, the first gray hairs, and some helpers meticulously inspecting the website, we could proudly offer you our new TERRA B webshop with many new and proven products. This was not only the apparent introduction of a new interface, but a whole concept to present TERRA B as a brand to you the way we live it and the way we want you to experience it! As a Berlin manufacture with handmade tactical equipment, which is supposed to make your everyday life easier and sweeter with a straight line, no unnecessary chichi, but an even greater design idea. And you have supported us diligently. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you.

Thank you for your trust in us and our equipment! Thank you for your support in these troubled times! Only with you as part of our community we can grow and optimize our equipment. And because you can’t buy anything with these lines, we’ll give you another one!

A 100 € TERRA B- ThankYou2020- voucher will be raffled today among all orders placed with us this year!

So keep your fingers crossed and be curious if you have won! The winner will receive a mail from us and thus a small Christmas present.

Thanks to all helpers, cooperation partners and suppliers for the strong support, be it through the fast and sometimes spontaneous supply with material, as well as through constructive feedback and a successful cooperation!

And it is time to say thank you in another way!

Thank you for this DRK donation!

At the beginning of the year, a new kind of virus conquered our society and turned everything mundane upside down. With our “Be Smart and Take Care of Your Closest” Face Mask, we too wanted to do our part to help contain this new type of Corona virus. We sat down at the sewing machine in February and created our Face Mask. But we didn’t just want to offer the Face Mask. We also decided to donate a portion of those proceeds to an organization that is instrumental in helping to contain this particular pandemic during this time.

15% OF THE REVENUE from our TERRA B Face Mask we are donating today to CORONA-NOTHILFE DES DEUTSCHEN ROTEN KREUZ E.V.. With the slogan #füreinander they support the health care system in the current Corona crisis, relieve clinics and care for needy and elderly people and thus contribute decisively to the well-being of all of us! Already in May of this year we were able to pass on a four-figure amount to the DRK-Corona emergency aid through your help. You as a community have diligently ordered the TERRA B Face Mask from us – and for the second time a four-figure donation amount has been collected for the DRK! – The sheer awesomeness! Thank you for that!

Merry Christmas!

We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas!

Maybe this year the celebration is a bit smaller than we are all used to, but exactly this gives us the opportunity to come to rest and be thankful for the most important things: health, family and people who enrich you in life, be it your best buddy, your neighbor or the pizza delivery man you trust!

So and now an end with the contemplative talk.

Let’s do some great new tactical shit!

You can look forward to many new projects and products in the new year! One topic that is really burning under our nails: The release of TERRA B softballistics equipment. Our heads are smoking and our sewing machines are already rattling – next year will be the time.

We would be very happy if you stay loyal to us and our products in the new year! We will continue to do our best to offer you the finest equipment from Berlin.

Stay safe & healthy out there – and of course Merry Christmas!

Your TERRA B Team